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Audacity Boot Camp:From Numb To No AUDIO

Welcome to Audacity Boot Camp!

The follow up to Okra Soup for Your Spirit: Table for One. When listening to this audio book, you will have a better understanding on how to

  • Identify the Gimme Gang! (ie. people and habits that bring the foolishness. They are slick so you have to know the foundation of their madness.)
  • Block the foolishness that being numb entertains
  • Prepare to be present in your own life when the foolishness is on its way out
  • Get comfortable with beign uncomfortable when it comes to preserving your sanity

The power of No! is invigorating and empowering when it is used at the right time in the right situations. Get the lowdown and the how to for enhancing your audacity!


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Birthday Behavior

So it’s your birthday and you want to do something a little different. It’s been 365 since you had this opportunity and it lasts, typically 24 hours. We have GOT to make it count!!! When you decide to celebrate your birthday the whole year, this booklet will help put you on the right track! 


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Okra Soup Beginner's Bundle

Table for One and Numb to No pkg


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Table for One BONUS UPDATE

In the premiere issue of what will become the go to source for motivation, clarity, and brutally honest strategies, master educator, mega motivator, and serial entrepreneur Erica Alcox brings you her unfiltered yet constructive and fun guidance known as Geechie Gurl Southern Hospitality  for mastering the thing we all called "living"! The debut publication of the Okra Soup for the Spirit series helps the reader begin with the uncomfortable in order to reach the extraordinary.



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Undercover Chef Cookbook vol 1

Whether it's for some private bonding time with the young foodies in your life or a friendly gathering with a group of culinary artists, these recipes will get everyone around the kitchen table talking and enjoying delicious recipes from The Charleston Crunch Co.'s mobile academic kitchen that are student tested and tastebud approved!


Download on to your mobile device and print out the recipe of the day! Happy cooking!


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